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Someone asked what the best p2p software is? there were many answers. I asked again in that thread, but didn't get an answer. I guess the thread was too old.

I saw emule, bittorrent, and limewire mentioned most often. I did not see WinMX mentioned. Are they better than WinMX? So which of those 4 is better. Do you have to take into consideration if you are using dial up (which I am). Someone told me they like the queueing feature of one of them, which WinMX has, but I said that is no good for me because I have dail up.

As far as Antivirus programs go. I had McAfee when I got my Dell. I HATED IT. So confusing to use. I got Norton for free from them when I had a problem with the McAfee. However, when I asked someone at another forum a question about one of the Norton services and whether it needed to be running. He said he tells everyone that Norton is a Resources Hog. He Highly recommends AVG. Is it any good? As good or better than Norton?



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I myself are big user of Emule, and find that 1 of the best P2P, especially cause you have index page's with direct links that put the download you have found on the page strait into your download program.

You know then for sure that the program or other things you found are verifeid downloads and it's what it says it is without any viruses.

the only trouble for you is the fact your on a dailup, with every P2P program there is a waitinglist and it also deepends a lot on how much you upload

For the antivirus it deepends on what kind of machine, indeed Norton is a very high Resources Hog, still it's very easy to use and a lot of things go automaticly

AVG i don't know so i can't give you any good info about that.

If you can get a copy of symantec corporate it's 1 of the best it's a little bit more work but so much better to use

for the indexing page of emule (ED2K network) just google and you will find :whistle:

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for filesharing apps, see PepiMK's Article (the maker of spybot)

for antivirus, i reviewed 11 antivirus products, freeware and non freeware, it includes detection rates and memory usage.

Link to Antivirus Review Roundup

i would reccomend the freeware antivir, according to spywareinfo, it has a better detection rate than AVG and also does not require you to register it and enter keys like AVG.

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Mr Spock.

But WinMx has a waiting list for some songs. then there are songs that are immediately available. Is that the same for emule. are there some songs that are currently available.

I am a novice. Could you explain again the index page with direct link. Does WinMX or the original Kazaa have it? I don't like how Kazaa put everything into another folder and not My Music. WinMX is not a media player or userinterface, it just puts it directly into the folder of ur choice--i.e. my music. which one is emule like?

and how is Symantec Corporate any different than NOrton antivirus other than have more features, I am sure. but it 'd still be a resource hog, wouldn't it?


Thanks, I'll look into those articles

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If your looking for songs it's best to use shareaza it's easy to use and you can connect to more P2P networks.

with all P2P networks it's depending on how populair a surten song is cause the more people have it the faster you can connect to 1 of those people and start downloading.

Emule is better for program's

With a lot of P2P program's like kazaa and limeware you have to search for the things you want to download then you still don't know sure if that what you found is the real thing, also if it's a good quality.

On the indexpage they callected links to a different kind of things and because they have been checked out you know sure the qaulity

Symantec Antivus Corparate isn't especially with so much more functions, it's just better with scanning and the recource's

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I didn't get that last line that wasn't finished.

....if I got a g2 link for the file i am looking....

for the file I am looking for what ????

g2 link???

He means to say, if you got a G2 (gnutella2) link, you'd be in heavenly speeds (or very lucky or something of the sort, I guess).

Yup, shareaza rules!

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