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P4 or Intel Celeron


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Ok, so I've decided that I want to have Mandrake Linux (Maybe!) :), Win XP Pro Corp, and Win 98 on one HD in 4 partitions.  Is this possible to do with fdisk?

Yes it is, but WHY do you want Win98? It eats memory for breakfast, is unreliable and f*ck*ng crashes too many times imo

Win2K or WinXP is the way to go for anything else!

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OK, so I got my list of things, and all I'm missing is my tower and power supply.  Tell me if this is worth the price at Future Shop...

Azen 128MB PC-100 (RAM) 

Intel Pentium 4 1.6GHz Processor 

Cicero Internal 1.44MB 3.5 Floppy 

Cicero Maxtor 20GB 7200RPM HD (Optional)

Creative Sound Blaster 16 - PCI 

ATI Radeon 7000 64MB PCI Video Card 

Pine 56x CD-ROM Drive 

LG 40x12x10x Internal CD-RW Drive 

Western Digital 60GB 7200RPM EIDE HD

All this for $1259.43 including 14.5% tax.  Tell me what I am missing for my computer or any upgrades I shoulf get for the Hardware.

$1259.43 ??

For $1100 I got the computer in my sig 3 months ago, if you ask me thats a rip off considering you can get the exact same for $600.

Get somthing like this and add a good video card to it and it will end up being almost the same as you could get that for.

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i just bought one, the drawer mechanism is a bit plasticy compared to the £175 drive but it seams to have "worn in" it was pretty sluggy at first.

its not given me any problems or bad discs at all in 2 months of use, and im a pretty heavy user burning wise. i had to update my version of Roxio for it to recognise the drive though, and my version of Fireburner, but nero knew what it was right away.

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I've heard things about Burners being used as CD-ROM drives and stuff like that and some ppl say that its bad to use them that way cuz it wears them out...

Yes, it wears them out, but minimal.

I perfer SCSI CD Burners with their own SCSI cards.

The Lite On FthrJack is talking about gets good reviews and supports over burning I think?

Both systems look great really. Some of the name brands are not familiar to me, Cicero and Pine, so I could not comment on them.

Remember that Linux does not support a wide range of hardware like Windows does. Be sure to see the linux.org web site for a list of compatiable hardware.

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Yea, SCSI does cost more, and IDE models are cheaper, but my first burner (Hewlette-Packard first generation) was a toaster maker, so I went with a TEAC 6X SCSI drive, and have had maybe 5 coasters in two years. I like the SCSI because it is on its own channel, so no bus conflicts. In the same box I have 1 hard drive, 1 CD-ROM Drive, 1 Zip Drive using the two IDE channels. The SCSI on its own channel makes a little difference.

The Lite ON, FthrJack mentions, is IDE and an excellent burner. There are differences between the European models and the exported models. You have to look close. When this TEAC bites the dust I'll probally get another SCSI, and Lite On looks better everytime I read a review about them. My friends have them and swear by them.

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OK, forget about that. I got a quote from a company in Montreal, and here's what it came out to...


Penium4 Super Series

Asus P4S533 SiS645DX Intel SND

Intel P4 1.7ghz 256k pga478 Box

onboard sound pci cristal sterio 3d

onboard ethernet 10/100

512mb pc2100 DDR

A-TOP Mid-Tour pIV Silver 350w USB

Western Digital 80gb 7200rpm ATA/1

1.44mb Floppy Drive

ATI 64mb Radeon 7000 SDRAM oem

LG 52x CD-Rom Int Ide OEM

LG 40x/12x/40x Int IDE oem

1 year garantee


Is this better compared to the one under my signature?

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