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I am currently using LeechGet in my PC and in the XPCD but I thought I would find out what others are using.

For me I need something that supports Firefox

Getright 5.2




Just use the Firefox DM

Or Other....

Please help me and if possible add the switches when you answer so there can be a little DM switch Database.

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i am currently using fresh download. u have to register it but it is free to use.

click here: FreshDevices

i have tried dap but i had troubles resuming downloads w/ it, then i tried getright, i never could get it to work right w/ IE. i currently use fresh download as the main download mgr for ie, opera, & firefox. works like a charm. i just import the registration files into the registry.

here the code to install:

ECHO FreshDownload 7.16...
start /wait %cdrom%\install\Fresh\FreshDownload716 /silent /norestart

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I'm a little new to Download manager software, I've recently tried Reget Deluxe v4 but didn't like the fact that its a whole separate application. Is there a Download manager that works in the background? So if I click a link to download a file, it automatically takes over. Same with webpages (since they seem to all say they speed up the download of webpages as well).

Basically I would like...

1. A download manager that works invisibly on my system (no separate windows needed to "Add" downloads too).

2. Speeds up the download of webpages as well as file downloads (but just file downloads would be ok).

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