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in my winnt.sif i am not wanting unattended but yet user controlled... to where i make the administrator password, and create as many user accounts as i like with windows asking me for the names of the accounts.. i wanna get rid of the autologon.reg and the useraccounts.cmd and have my winnt sif ask me like windows origionally would... but yet after install still install programs like from the runonceex.cmd .... everything user controlled, just when i log in on the profile that I create at the windows user account screen.. it starts installing my programs...

any light on this guys?

i could probabley figure it out.. but i'm confusing myself...

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Let's see if I'm understanding you correctly you would just like your Unattended Install cd to add your cd key for you???

Lets try this backwards what would you like your UI cd to do for you?

Sorry for the sarcasm...

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