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A better way of integrating hotfixes


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Forget the batch and other crap we talked so far....

All you need is this tool to run on your running windows xp machine fully patched...


Run the tool and you will see the list of all your hotfixes installed in computer as well as what files were included in those hotfixes.

Once you get the list of files for hotfix, find in you i386 folder of your running windows xp. Make a copy of it and than using makecab.exe pack it.

c:\makecab filename.extension

Next step is simply to take thos packed files and place into you installation CD, overwrite :)

No batch, no hotfixes files, size of CD is the same, and of course hotfixes is embedded :)

This is hotfixe for IE on Windows XP SP2.

Replace those files in your installation CD...



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I think it is a good idea.

But I still have questions.

How would you make sure that the new packed file copied to I386 directory be installed if there is no identical one?

Example there is a file named urlmon.dll in "C:\WINDOWS\system32\DllCache" which is a hotfix file. I packed it and name it "urlmon.dl_ " then copyed to "i386".

But there is no urlmon.dl_ in i386 folder.

Are you sure this hotfix file could be installed?

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