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Anyone plays RPGS?


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Have you tried Star Wars Galaxies. I know its Pay2Play, which sucks, but its pretty fun if you are into the whole Star Wars stuff. It runs off the Everquest engine (dont quote me on this but pretty sure) if that gives ya an idea.

Ryzom is another pay2play ... based on magic and stuff. Great graphis and sound I think. Not sure about the gameplay ... was just watching friend ... but definately has potential.

Spellforce Order of Dawn is worth a shot as well, especially if you like RTS (real time strategy) games. Its an RPG/RTS in one ... found it to be pretty fun. Its kinda like Warcraft3 actually, but had more emphasis on the RPG aspect which turned me on to it.

Other than those, I am unsure, purely on the fact I happen to come across those during BETA testing and dont normally search for RPG's. Although I would have to agree the FF series is pretty decent. I dont think the newer ones can ever superceed the oldstyle NES // SNES days. If you like old RPG's and havent tried Chrono Cross for the SNES ... I highly recommend it.

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I have played NexusTK for 4 years.

I also dabbled a little in Ragnarok Online, as well as had my own private server.

I am a Game Master for Blizzard's new Game, World of Warcrat. I also play it.

You could say I am a RPG/MMORPG junkie.

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Have you tried Star Wars Galaxies.  I know its Pay2Play, which sucks, but its pretty fun if you are into the whole Star Wars stuff.  It runs off the Everquest engine (dont quote me on this but pretty sure) if that gives ya an idea.

as an Ex-StarwarsGalaxies customer.... i say...


it was full of bugs, some of the bugs from when i first started playin it in December are still there... the Customer Support sucks and people exploit all over the place... want proof that this game sucks.. go visit the swg galaxy forums and see what the people are talkin about.. most of the posts are about people quiting.. and the other ones are about people complaining about soemthing called the "combat revamp" that was supposed too be released back in Feburary.. but still hasn't been released..

The Game isn't even that interesting.. after you know what your doing you can master most of the proffessions in a 1-3 days... also... there are some "spawns" that only spawn once per day... well guess what.. when the server goes down everynight for maintnance.. there are people that logon as soon as they can just too kill these things... some of the other things that are good kills spawn once every 2 hours.. and most of the time its crap loot. There are weak people outside of one of the main citys called meatlumps.. they can sometimes drop better then most things in the game.. and they only take 1 hit too kill...

so in my opinion... DON'T PLAY SWG.. you'll have more fun watchin paint dry...

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I still play Diablo2. Never played much of Diablo1 on the account the friends were never into it.


I completely forgot about Ragnarok. That game was a hoot. I loved flat graphic look of the characters within a 3d environment. I tried getting into // hosting a personal server ... but people added a bunch of crap to the game that didnt make it fun (ex. free money, free lvl ups, etc), and I didnt feel like messing with a bunch of files (YARE specifically i believe) to get a server up. Decent game even though its another Pay2Play, unless you go to a private server ... but hey 15day trial may convince one its worthy of being supported.


LoL to each his own. I just suggested to try the game, never said go run out and start worshiping the game. Yes it is buggy, one could say its still in beta stage, but like I said if your into the whole star wars thing and able to look past a few quarks ... it may be worth a shot.

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