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need some help with XPE


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have 3 ?'s

I modified the startnet.cmd to launch to a network share.

my problem is the delay in receiving a DHCP address to when my scripts kick off.

1. is there a way to create a delay for X-seconds in XPE (sleep doesn't work)?


factory -winpe


@echo off

set AnswerFile=\\ap01u\dfs\SoftDist\Microsoft\Windows_XPSP1\xp_deploy\unatt.txt

set SetupFiles=\\ap01u\dfs\SoftDist\Microsoft\Windows_XPSP1\xp_deploy\I386

net use s: \\ap01u\dfs\softdist /user:?????? ?????? /persistent:no

Diskpart /s \\ap01u\dfs\SoftDist\Microsoft\Windows_XPSP1\xp_deploy\diskpart.txt

format c: /fs:NTFS /v:winxp /q /x /y

\\ap01u\dfs\SoftDist\Microsoft\Windows_XPSP1\xp_deploy\I386\winnt32 /SYSPART:C: /s:%SetupFiles% /unattend:%AnswerFile% /copysource:lang

2. after install is complete I want to assign R: to my cd drive, I want this to happen without going through diskmanager. HOW?

3.computer has 1 hard drive i have used Diskpart to create an 8gig part, and now i want to make the rest of the drive U: (NTFS, must also be a primary partition, no matter what size the drive)


select disk 0


create partition primary size=8192

select partition 1

assign letter=c


detail disk


please help

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You could try adding WSH support (using BuildOptionalComponents.vbs).. that might add enough of a delay. We do something very similar here and we don't have the issue you're talking about, but we load WSH support so it takes a little longer to get to the point when it tries to use the network share. If that's still not long enough you could launch a VBScript with a sleep command (since you'll have added WSH support).

I don't know about the rest of your questions, sorry :(

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