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Silent Ati driver install


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This is excellent if it works. Well done for finding this out....now all I have to do is work out how to install that damm Pc-cillin 2005 silently ...oh well

* Just tested it and it works perfectly * - well done again !!!!

By the way, where is /k documented as I cannot seem to find it anywhere ??

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Yes, i have probed out that before i read about the unattend installshield method.

You can't find that switch on the ati webpage, but it works perfectly for Windows XP.


On some Windows 2000 pc's i got an error message. I don't know why


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now complete: catalyst drivers, catalyst CP and RadClocker in 1 package and it works!

hope ati won't update in a little :lol:

cool! :thumbup

how did you do it? care to give us a summary on how's it done? i know many will find it very helpful! :D;)

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I just included this in my unattended DVD but as installing the drivers it seems to take a very long time & hangs??

simply used this in my batch:


ECHO Installing ATI XP driver....

ECHO Please wait...

start /wait %systemdrive%\INSTALL\APPLICATIONS\ATI\setup /K

original driver extracted to folder of course. If you manually run this batch in windows works like a charm??

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same problem here....


I'm trying it in vmware.

maybe it hangs because the install program could not find the ati card in vmware or is this a wild gues

Can someone help me (us) out here with the setup /k Switch please..

Well I tried mine in both Virt PC & on my spare P4 test rigg both no go. Again is ATI hardware dependant on install I'm thinking so?

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