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My DVD don't boot when i start my pc


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im having the same problem with my multi-dvd. i followed the instructions on flyakite's page and it booted the first time, but none of my OS cd's would boot. then i figured out that the i386 replacement text needed to be 4 chars like the original.... silly me :P

anywho, so i think i fixed the i386 replacement thing, but now the dvd wont boot in virtual pc 2004 so i cant tell if its truly fixed or not........ :(

and like i said, it booted the first time and the only thing i changed were the paths for i386............

any ideas?

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1st make sure you rebuilt your dvd as a new iso. Sometimes changes will destroy your boot sector and/or files (esp if you use WinISO on an optimized image).

2nd, Virtual PC has a well known problem using large image files directly. You will need to mount your image using Alcohol120, Daemon Toos, WinImage, etc and then capture the cd drive on which it is mounted

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