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Some basic questions about Xpcreate


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Hi guys ,

I looking for the perfect program to edit my unattended installation.

What i'm looking is a utility that propmt me to select the desired applications .

My questions are how can i edit XPCREATE and add my apps , my second question is how to install it .

Thanks ,

* i searched in this thread before posting my messege but i did found any direct answers .. , thanks again .

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I would say XPCREATE is certainly NOT your answer. XPCREATE is for generating an updated Windows Distribution, not creating the Ultimate Unattended Installation. It could be used as the starting point: create an updated CD, and use that as the basis for your Unattended CD. THe MSFN Unattended Forum is where you will need to go for those answers.

And remember ... "editing" XPCREATE.CMD is against the rules (and highly immoral ... )

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>What i'm looking is a utility that propmt me to select the desired applications .

Try out WIHU which you can find here.

>My questions are how can i edit XPCREATE and add my apps , my second >question is how to install it .

You do not need to edit xpcreate in any way.

The most you will have to do is:

- Run xpcreate.cmd once to let it create subdirectories

- put your original cd in CDSOURCE

- edit xpcreate.ini to your liking

- run xpcreate.cmd another time

This will cerate a basic cd as an .iso file

as long as you had DOISO=YES in the .ini file.

From there you can customize your cd by putting all your applications


In i386 you put your own winnt.sif of which you can create a basis for it

by running setupmgr.exe in CDSOURCE\SUPPORT\TOOLS\DEPLOY.CAB.

In $OEM$ you create the directories $1 and $$:

In $1 you put your drivers and installation files.

There is a convention to do that however - browse the forums for details.

Be sure you specify the driver directories wich contian .inf files

in the variable OemPnPDriversPath. For e.x:


in the [unattended] section and see to also have the variables OemPreinstall=Yes

and DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore there.

(Note that the drivers directory is in the $1 directory.)

To use Wihu, save the latest version and its ini file in install under $1 and

add something like


"%systemdrive%\install\wihu.exe /UseCurrent /AutoInstall=900"

to your winnt.sif

It's a bit tricky to learn how to configure the ini file for WiHu to install the

applications you want properly, but there are a few topics covering that

in the forum. To help you along the way, here is an example which just

installs Adobe Acrobat Reader (this is all you need to have in the ini

file for just this piece of software):


command.0 = "%systemdrive%\install\adobe\acrobatreader\Adobe Reader 6.0.1 - Deutsch.msi" /qn

description.0 = Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0.1

selected.0 = 1

You ofcourse need the proper files as specified in the directories.

Hope this helps,


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