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[XPCD Example]: BioHaZaRD Unattended PRoJeCT

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this is what you need to do:

take original file and open it with resource hacker, f.e. logonui.exe and extract its resources to some location.

then open my rared file and extract the contents to other location. take a look to both directories and compare the files so now you know the correspondencies between the 2 (size and number of bitmap). just replace everything correct and save the file.

now you can cab compress the file and add it to your unattended installation.

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Thanks for the guide SiMoNsAyS, I can't believe I didn't think about archiving the $OEM$ folders! but that's what makes this place so great, people each sharing their own ideas. :thumbup

I wondered if it were at all possible if you could make the storm wallpaper available? I've tried posting in the visual theme's thread, since the link provided by the author doesn't seem to work. Is there anyway you could do this?

Thanks in advance,


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Mind has been boggled to *BLEEP* on the bootscreen.

Using XP Pro, Sp2...

I have no problem creating the image, but then I was reading how you haffta change hex code in the ntoskrnl.exe ...

So I decided to search for some that have already been done.

None I've found seem to be working for XP2...

So I was leaning toward using the INI method where I thought it would take the bootscreens but the ntoskrnl.exe would still be the orginal and windows would still use it as it should regardless of updates and service packs.

I don't want a program to install to do it for me. I want a method I can use now *OS installed*, and where I can put it on unattended DVD...

Can someone do a better job explaining how this can be done with SP2 or give a link to some already modified ntoskrnl.exe that are virus free, work with xp pro Sp2, and aren't totally lame and gay?

The one I'd like most is the President Seal one. :)

Toodles, and thanks in advance.


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@www2000 my intention was not write a guide on how to modify your system files, how to do deskmod and so on, there are many guides outhere on how to do this (including some guides in this forum). my intention was to show how you can implement your previously modified files onto an unattended installation. google for it i'm sure you'll find what you want.

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