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nlite not processing layout.inf


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Third time's a charm. Cripes. Sorry, it's "early" for me... haven't had coffee.

Forgot to say aloso that if files are commented out of TXTSETUP and LAYOUT, they should be removed from DOSNET.INF too.

Also, I was googling on a "corrupt or missing error" and found:


Here's hoping I got _something_ right...

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  • 2 years later...
[quote name='fdv' post='188809' date='Sep 13 2004, 03:40 PM']Open LAYOUT.INF in 2k / xp.
Search for "layout"
In 2k:
layout.inf = 2,,244801,,,,_x,20,0,0
In XP:
layout.inf = 100,,408600,,,,_x,20,0,0,,1,20

In either case, that "_x" tells the installation to check the filesize. If there is a mismatch, the install will bomb. If the "_x" is missing, setup will not check. So in other words, layout.inf is checking itself.[/quote]

So, before I Ctrl+H and ruin LAYOUT.INF...........

Do you only replace [b][color="#0000FF"]_x[/color][/b] or do you also take out the comma that comes after it?

Example, do you remove this (in red).....

[b][size=3]layout.inf = 100,,408600,,,,[color="#FF0000"]_x[/color],20,0,0,,1,20[/size][/b]

Or this.....

[b][size=3]layout.inf = 100,,408600,,,,[color="#FF0000"]_x,[/color]20,0,0,,1,20[/size][/b]

Sorry for replying to a topic thats more than 2 years old... I did search in topic titles
for LAYOUT.INF and this was the only topic that actually explained any of it.

I often wonder what MSFN be like without people like FDV and Nuhi [img]http://members.aol.com/thebodie/laugh.gif[/img] Edited by LeveL
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It appears from fdv's longer post that you want to keep the comma. See the third block from the end with "(xp example)" where there are five consecutive commas.

I think we'd all be a lot more frustrated without nuhi et alia.
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Wow I started reading this and thought "God, I know the answer, but it would take me an hour to explain it."
Then I scroll down a little and see where I already explained it <LOL>
Anyway, yeah, leave the comma in, sorry if that wasn't clear.
Remember to make edits to TXTSETUP and DOSNET too as my added posts indicate.
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I got this strange problem where nlite mis-identifies my source OS.i copied my xp sp2 to hdd, slipstreamed sp3 with nlite.Did some digging around,tried including media centre files so that my xp-sp3 pro registers itself as MCE...that is, it automatically installs media centre stuff as an original MCE would do. From where does nlite read the product name, version and service pack number from? coz now, my source is identified by nlite as windows XP Professional (Media Centre v3.0), but strangely...the service pack info changed to SP2...wierd!!!

I checked all the *.inf in the i386 folders...proper entries for all SP3 files were seen. I tried changing the SP info from dosnet or layout (forgot which one) from 3 to 3.0.
but stubbornly, the service pack info wont be detected as 3 by nlite!!!
Tried and verified all the proper files win51ic,win51ic.sp2,win51ic.sp3, were present at the proper position ie '/' Removing the .sp3 one changed the info to Windows Xp Professional (media centre v3.0) but sp still gets read as 2.

Tried changing the line
product="Windows XP Professional"
found near where they mention the tagfiles win51ip and disc names in layout.inf, as well as TXTSETUP.SIF to

product="Windows Media eXPerience Custom Edition"

also changed the cd name and tried using my own tagfiles...prince,prince.sp1,prince.sp2,prince.sp3 etc. etc. Well...it works.
Now nlite identifies my source as

"Windows Media eXPerience Custom Edition" and the default boot.ini created when clean installing XP now displays the OS as *****="Windows Media eXPerience Custom Edition" /fast***** and not Microsoft Windows Xp Professional.

But stubbornly, the (Media Centre v3.0) thing still remained.I changed that too from medctroc.inf that takes care of MCE components instal.I dont know where this inf is supposed to be put, so i put it both in i386 and in cmpnents/mediactr/i386.so if someone could tell me that.

i also think i accedentally changed something, for now the service pack reads as SP2.7...
this one got me thinking.
Could i manually edit that info to my liking? And how to do it so that nlite reads it accordingly?? Tried to retrace everything i had done but couldnt find out how this came to be. So wanted to know.
And also whether it would affect installing of softwre if they too ID the OS as not Windows Xp but something else or as having some non-existant service pack?.

Please nuhi, do reply.I used nlite1.4.5 beta2

must say...i love nlite.
Options of including custom registry tweaks directly,and also integrating installation of softwares (silent or not.doesnt matter) , ,copying of special files (for eg, replacing taskmgr.exe with sysinternals process explorer if you include the processexplorer exe file renamed as taskmgr.exe) and such little things at first logon would be really something to have for making unattended OSs, and also for getting nlite declared as the ultimate tool for slipstreamed, customized OS sources.

made the same post at some other page .Plz forgive me for the mistake.
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