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Lan/firewall/gateway settings.

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My current network config at home is that my computer is the gateway, it has 2 NIC's , 1 connected to my adsl modem, and 2 connected to my swich.

all other computer/xbox and such are connected to that switch.

I have it like this so that my computer has unlimited connection to the internet, ftp server, dc++ active search, web server and VNC server.

VNC is very important to me.

my other computer also has vnc (the computer connected to the switch) which i can't connect to if im at, say at a friends place.

I have to connect to my gateway pc, and from there connect to the internal lan computer.

is this possible to fix?

What benefits/problems would a broadband router give me? and what brand should i buy?

P.s. i live in sweden and have Telia as my ISP

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If you are looking for an all in one security solution than you don't want to have your PC hooked directly into any form of modem.

I use Astaro Security Linux as my firewall/router. I moved from a Linksys Cable/DSL router to this solution as I was noticing more and more security holes in linksys routing tables and capabilities.

Basically you need an old PC a P3 500 will work great and 3 NIC's 2 min.

1 Nic (External Traffic)

1 Nic (Internal Traffic)

1 Nic (DMZ 'Optional')

This software is free to home users and has very few limitations over a corporate version. You are able to set your own packet filterings, hosts, VPN, port forwarding (NAT) etc... also there is e-mail virus scanning if you have an e-mail server.

It is very secure and flexible.

As far as being able to connect to 2 different computers that share an IP address. You can use 2 different programs (VNC / PCAnywhere) that use different ports to communicate on and port forward accordingly.

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On the topic of standalone linux firewall distros, I find smoothwall express works great.

I have it running on a p200 w/64 megs and it runs great. Could probably get away with a pentium 75 and 32 megs.


Not sure what you mean by security holes in the linksys routing tables, but I got rid of my linksys for the smoothwall because it was a piece of garbage and had to be power cycled at least a few times a week.

Uptime on the smoothwall is around 50 days now and I haven't touched it.

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you need to forward connection to ur computer connected to the switch... mainly, your gateway need to know where to send incoming connetions for port 5900 (vnc listen on this port) or 5800 (java-based, no-need for vnc-viewver). Programs for this hum.. wingate? sygate? or a cheap router for 400:- :P

If you want to connect to both computers from your friend, simply change listening ports so they get one each (java for one and standard for one is a choose tho)

give me a pm if you need help

<<<OMG IM TO KIND!!>>>

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