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3 Partitions (Drive C)

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Yes, I have used Diskman, but for different purposes, (disk imaging and virtual disk making).

And No, I think it does not support as per now NTFS directly, but that could be the lesser problem as there is the converting tool.

As I see it, Godfatha is right, you need to boot in DOS or FREEDOS, run the batch file(s) needed to fdisk and format

(here is a link to the FREEDOS fdisk, which appears to be scriptable:


then invoke the windows setup.

Another possibility is Ranish's Partition Manager:


Again, I use a lot the latter, but I have never tried to script it, most probably it can be done by the method seen above for fdisk or "echoing" characters into it.


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Never figured it out how use it, but my guess is that if you REALLY want this, then i will get a PM to tell me that you got it working during unattended install!! :whistle:

I'm very interrested....

I use the follwing in WinPE to setup a single full size partition & format it, you could easily modify it.


diskpart /s diskpart.cfg
format c: /fs:NTFS /v:"" /Q /Y


Select Disk 0
Create Partition primary
Assign Letter=c

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