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I recently obtained a copy of XP SP2 RC2 pro CORP SLIPSTREAM. I am planing on testing sp2 and win xp corp out. I currently have xp home edition. The question I have about my copy is that I am not sure what parts of the tutorial I must apply to my copy in order to get an unatended install going. First of all i think it may already be slipstreamed and it may include sp2. I already ran a test install and the install shows up as sp2. Here are my questions:

1) Do i have to slipstream this? or does it sound like its already done?

2) Is there a way to have it read the answer file from the network? or from a seperate partition?that way i dont have to make an entire new image with just that one file included..

I'll ask more when i get these basic questions answered.



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So how do i start from scratch? I would need an riginal windows xp copy and then sp1 AND sp2? or just sp2.

Sorry for the newbie questions... this is my first time doing this. I just need a basic outline of the steps i should take. After i know what i should do i can read up on it.



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go to this link and you will find all the info you need to slipstream


if u want to create a unattended windows xp cd then u will need to go here.


when you have read up on the link above come back and we will help


p.s. check out the


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