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What's the best firewall?


What's the best firewall?  

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  1. 1. What's the best firewall?

    • ZoneAlarm
    • Outpost
    • Sygate
    • Symantec
    • Kerio
    • Windows Firewall

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I can see myself getting flamed for this comment... haha !

Why are you seeing flamed for that? I got 2 PC's: 1 for my work as a Non-linear Editor in Chef, and the other just for internet and stuffs. I got a third computer running Smoothwall and it never went down.

For me, linux is for programmers and those who want to know a litle bit more about hardware.

P.D. and those who hates Micro$oft :P

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All of the listed Firewalls (you need to add Sygate there, DigeratiPrime) have a paid version and a freeware version. Perhaps you downloaded the full version of Outpost and it's asking you for registration?

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Always There is a Difference ; for me it is remarkable :

see ...

Limited free edition does not provide the content filtering capabilities such as blocking pop-up windows, ads, VB scripts, cookies, etc. and other extra features

Outpost Pro 2.1 vs. Outpost Free 1.0

Outpost is available in two versions: Free (1.0) and Pro (2.1). Here is a quick comparison of the differences between these versions:

Featues Outpost Pro 2.1 Outpost Free 1.0

Packet/Application filtering Yes Yes

Network monitoring Yes Yes

Web privacy Yes Yes

Components Control (Anti-Leak) Yes No

Auto-configuration of apps/network Yes No

History of connections/events Yes No

Stateful Inspection technology Yes No

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Support Yes No

Automatic Online Updates Yes No

Support Service Yes No


I know u have to open your wallet But it is worth;I think

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Maybe you should switch to Sygate if you don't like the feature set of Outpost free. It will handle just about everything on the list that you posted. The only restriction that it has (that I've found) that you get with the Pro version is the ability to set more than 20 Advanced Rules. I can live with that...

Hope this helps!

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I would say Sygate because Zone Alarm used to block my internet access :(

I don't use anything now, I just use Windows Firewall. I should be ok? :unsure:

NO! Windows firewall doesn't really cut it compared to the name brands. It only monitors incoming connections, but not outbound. That means that if you have a nasty on your computer that's sending crap out to the internet, you'd have no idea. With something like Sygate or Kerio, you'd know what was up. Sygate is still #1 for me... :)

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