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Bit defender 7.02


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Quick Guide to Silent Install BitDefender 7.2

1.- Extract the .msi file from the BitDefender installation, you can try switches or open it with WinRAR.

2.- Call the .msi intallation file with the switch /qb to be silently installed, like:

start /wait %CDROM%\Software\BitDefender\bdprof.msi /qb

3.- To add our registration information we need to search for the file "Win.ini" that it's stored on the \Windows\ folder. At the end of the file we can read



This is our registration information. We need a clean copy of Win.ini so you can manually delete what you think it's garbage / spam, or you can run a clean installation of windows and then add those lines.

Finally, the file will be written many times during installation of the OS or programs like BitDefender so we need to do it a the final process of installation.

We'll compress the Win.ini into a RAR SFX for example with this comment

;The comment below contains SFX script commands



That it's to overwrite the file Win.ini on the \Windows\ dir. To do it silently we'll add this

start /wait %CDROM%\Software\BitDefender\(Win.ini).exe /s

Good luck!

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maybe true...

I use winInstall to include many programs in one installation so I only need 1 thread of it in the bach file... So for example you could install Winamp, video codecs and other media programs in one installer created by winInstall... You dont really need seperate ones...

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if i execute the setup.exe it is german, but if i execute the msi or try to install silent it is english

i wasn't aware of that because my installation it's only for english language. maybe there it's a switch for the german installation, dunno. you can always try to do the silent install and the check if you can change the language to german after it's installed.

if not i think the best solution it's to create an AutoIt script.

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