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Uxtheme Patched Windows XP SP2 2180?

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UXtheme.dll controls what themes/visual styles can be used in XP/2003. The "patched" version simply allows you to use visual styles that were created by people OTHER then Microsoft like from such sites as www.themexp.org or www.stylexp.com. StyleXP does the same thing sorta, but this is free and StyleXP isn't.

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the "2180" refers to build number 2180 of service pack 2.. there are lots and lots of different build numbers for service pack 2

first you have to check which build number you are using (nLite is a good way to do this) then download the appropriate uxtheme.dll for that version

sp1 is good because there is only one "final" sp1 version so everyone can use the same uxtheme.dll.... when sp2 goes official there will be only one "final" version of that also, but it's not out yet

nLite very useful.. how else can you fit XP SP2, plus office 2003, plus photoshop cs, plus nero, powerdvd, acrobat, blah blah blah onto your cd?

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