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How can i make a 1cd install disk from a .....


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I have a problem i have microsoft streets and trips 2004 but it is on 2 cds and requires both cds to fully install.

The problem is i want to cut back on all my cds i have with 2-3-4 cds for installation and put them all on 1 dvd is it possible and if so how or what programs can i use to do it



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Copy the contents of both CDs to a folder in your HDD overwritting as necessary.

Burn the contents of the above folder labeling the DVD as GEO11NA (which is the label of the second CD)

That worked fine for me :)

For Encarta 2004 (5 CDs) the label is: L04AXLRD1, for Encarta 2005 L05AXLRD1

For Adobe Creative Suite (5 CDs) you can burn the first 2 disks which have all the programs (the Installer will show all the programs at once), or if you want the add-ons you can burn 1 thru 4. Don;t burn disk 5 because it has an autoinstall on its own.

You can use any label for Adobe multidisks (Encore, Illustrator, Suite)

The only precaution with Adobe multidisks is that you have to enable ISO level 2 in your burner because Adobe has a lot of folders that are of more than 8 characters.

Those are all the CDs I've merged.

There is a method AIO (all in one) for the 5 Office Premium disks (probably there is something elsewhere in this forum)

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