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MusicMatch 9 silently


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has anyone figured out the silent install of MusicMatch jukebox 9.

Its an Installshield Packed setup. i tried using the /s /r /a switches but no luck. the setup pkg also has a setup.iss file but i've never been able to make the installation Silent. strangely there is no Page on whole msfn also which Discusses its Silent installation

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If it's an installshield package, -s will silently install it using the iss file.

I'd recommend you run the setup with the -r switch and go through the normal installation. A new setup.iss file will be created in the Windows directory. Use that iss file to install it from your unattended CD.

When going through the normal installation, choose not to reboot if that option is given.

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What it looks like you need to do is extract the files

find the setup.iss in the folder mmsetup_9000156_ENU and delete it also look in the C:\WINDOWS folder and delete any setup.iss files

now make a short to the mmsetup_9000156_ENU\setup.exe open it and look at the properties put a -r on the end than do the whole thing after you are done move the new setup.iss into the install folder...

it works half way

just need to know how to bypass the regitration screen and the last screen setup complete....

So far for me I'm going to have unattended install for most of my programs but I will still have two things to lick..

the ones that auto install but have to be finished up later cause there is nothing in the program to set it up or in the register to keep..

and the ones that just plain don't have a silent installer,,

Any way life will be easier cause they will be over half way done just have to doctor them up...

Like music match it will have to hand installed cause I have not found a way to kill the bloody reg screen... but the rest installs silent... Go figure,,,

and some that will have to activated cause the program will not carry over the activations... when the time stamps of the files don't match they kick out...


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