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They Might Be Giants


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Does anyone here know about these guys? Heard of them? Heard their music? I discovered them not too long ago, and I became a fan quite instantly. I haven't heard too many of their songs, (though I don't know how many songs they've got) but all the songs I've heard rule.

The songs I've heard are

  • Birdhouse In Your Sould
  • Istanbul Not Constantinople
  • Letterbox
  • Your Racist Friend
  • Clowntown
  • Experimental Film

To get an idea of how much these guys rule, I recommend you go listen to the last of these songs, Experimental Film, on Homestar Runner's site. (A little OT: H*R rules too, be sure to hang about there too, if you haven't yet)

Then, if you like them, you can hear more songs through their Dial-A-Song service (only in the US I believe) at 718-387-6962 or you could go to the online version of Dial-A-Song, and listen to some songs there instead.

So, what do you think? I love these guys. :)

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