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Help with Nvidia Driver

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Hi, I've just made my first unattended XP DVD with office Xp. Everything went fine except the display driver. I have a gainward FX5900xt but windows is telling me after installation that I have an S3 card installed. I have tried using the OEMDriversPath method and the Install method but neither will install the driver (Detonator 56.72 extracted). Can anyone help!!!

P.s. I have only tried the disk on MS Virtual PC, Could this be the problem. :)

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So if it would work on a normal install, what method is the best to use:

OEMPnPDrivers Path

Run once (Install)

how to say.....

well, look.... OEMPnPdriver Path windows can selfdetect if there is really a nvidiacard builded in, so u can change your videocard to radeon or whatever safely.

the strongest way to be sure that the driver is installed is the guirunonce, but if there is no nvidiacard? what happened?

look i have choose for the OEMPnPdriverpath and it always works good. so i advice you to choose that way....


please note all of my drivers are beginning with 000,001,002 so windows will follow this. i first install my motherboardchipset to enable AGP and GIGAbit ethernet so i can install nvidia and the 3com without problems too.....

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maybe i'm just being fussy, as i've also done it this way, the gfx card installs, but u dont get the extra advanced features in the advanced properties, but beyond rigging ur unattended to start the installation of the full nvidia driver.....which would be bad for use on a machine that doesnt have nvidia card...

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