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Problem with GUIRunOnce and others

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I've been trying to get my Unattended XP CD to work for some time now.

I've already stumbled across this board, and it helped me alot fixing some minor problems, but I have some problems I just can't handle. I hope that you can ( actually: that I'm sure of)

These are the requirements that I have which my XP CD should fullfil:

1.Fully unattended installation exactly after I choose the partition where I want to install to

2. Admin account without password and AutoLogOn

3. Installation of some Software at the end of XP Installation (the batch file works)


[Data]    AutoPartition=0





















































The Problems with the Installation are:

1. The Welcome to XP screen starts after the final reboot, which I plainly don't want because I do not need the Internet connection setup and I only want my Admin as user!

2. When the resolution is changed, a prompt appears and informs of exactly the same.... (which surprised me a lot because in my simulation on MS Virtual PC it did not)

3. The final batch install.cmd is not executed. The file install.cmd is located in the directory $OEM$\$1. Is there (btw) a possibilty to make a silent install of the nforce chipset drivers?

4. Most drivers I listed under OemPnPDriversPath are not installed (e.g. Graphics/Sound) .

Can anyone help?

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1. UnattendSwitch="Yes" should be under [unattended]

2. This is necessarily a gfx driver issue

3. Can't really say for sure, but you have two OemPreinstall=Yes in your winnt.sif file.

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OEMPreInstall shouldn't be under GUIUnattend

also make, sure that if you are installing from CD, $OEM$ is along side I386, while if network share, or whatever it's inside I386.

Try putting a pause within install.cmd, to see if it actually runs. As if you don't have any error checking stuff, and it can't find ANY of your installation files, it will just ZIP right through, and depending on the speed of your system you might not see the window (I don't)

4. Most drivers I listed under OemPnPDriversPath are not installed (e.g. Graphics/Sound) .

Are you drivers DigitallySigned? If not, they most likely won't be used, even if you disable DriverSigning. DriverSIgning just lets you use NonSigned drivers without that little prompt to make sure, it does not mean it will use the driver above a signed Windows Generic Driver. It's stupid, I know, but that's Microsoft. Also, Make sure the paths point to the folder containing the INFs for the drivers. And then there are those picky ones that require then installation method using their setup routine to work (My printer)

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First of all, thanks to the quick answers, my installation runs pretty smooth now, except

for a little problem with my software installation in install.cmd.

As to the certified drivers:

I've already thought of that, even if I wasn't sure, especially after the installation accepts certain drivers like the chipset and it doesn't except others the audio/LAN drivers, even if they belong to the same installation package.

What really surprised me was that the XP installation accepts the SATA driver, but after the Installation is completed, my System Manager says that there is a problem with the installed driver ( ! mark), so install it right again (from the same directory) and, surprise, surprise, the system accepts the driver without problems.

I think I'll have to find a way to install the Mainboard drivers by install.cmd, so i have to figure out how to do a silent install with nforce drivers.

Ok. New Question:

I've just downloaded the newest WHQL certified NForce driver, and (as mine wasn't quite the most recent) I just installed and stumbled across the following file setup.iss in the folder where the driver components were extracted. Is it possible to install the complete driver package using the setup.iss for a silent install? Because then I could just load the accepted driver components during XP setup, and on the first logon, i could install the whole driver package including e.g. the control panel with a silent install using install.cmd.

This is the setup.iss

[installShield Silent]Version=v7.00

File=Response File

[File Transfer]







I think it is a bit small for a complete driver package...

anyway, I'll try tomorrow. If anyone can help me..... PLZ

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The only way to know for sure is to try,

Run the drivers setup with the -R switch, i.e setup.exe -R, choosing the components you want installed, there should be a file created in your windows directory called setup.iss, copy this to where your EXE is.

Add the setup routine to your install.cmd file something like this,

name of EXE -s -f1\location of setup directory\setup.iss

and maybe use


if you are running from CD-Rom, this will tell the setup program where to create the setup.log file.

Sometimes you can get away without using the f1\ switch and use setup.exe /s, the program will by default look for the .iss file in its own dir, my Intel chipset drivers and Nvidia gfx drivers for the laptop do it.

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just happened to finally use my unattended xp on my system after installing a new hd, and only half of the nforce 2 drivers seem to install maybe since XP doesn't see the need to install the other drivers

network and sound drivers seem to install, xp seemed to recognise the gf4mx, but for some reason didn't install properly, maybe since the entire Nvidia Unified driver hadnt been installed

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@ Yo-Shi

Is there (btw) a possibilty to make a silent install of the nforce chipset drivers?

I am able to get all of my nforce drivers to install ok. I don't really see anything different on our winnt.sif file, not concerning drivers anyway. I just broke the drivers up into thier own directories after downloading them. But I did use the .iss file for my video driver, just how Benner said to.

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I think that those drivers which did not install using the winnt.sif file weren't digitally signed, and as Alanoll said, they probably aren't accepted by Windows Setup as the better drivers.

If you download the newest NForce driver package, you will find a setup.iss file in the directory where you extracted the files, not in WinNT! I don't know if it was there right after the extraction process, but it was definitely there after I installed them the first time. I tried a silent install using the command \XPCD\$OEM$\$1\install\NForce\setup.exe -s, and it worked out pretty neat, everything including the utilities installed, but it forces a restart, so it is the last thing I can run in my batch file, which might be a problem if I had a NVidia graphics card, because as far as I remember most drivers there force a restart after installation also.

Well, somehow I managed to shoot my former Win2k installation to hell, so I'll be trying this out, and if I find anything new, I'll let you know.

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Ok. I've got my installation CD finished and its working really fine, but what kinda disturbs me is the fact that all of the software is installed for the local admin user.

So I went and added the cmdlines.txt setup.... yada yada yada ....

and I thought that if it is possible to execute a batch from there, it might also be possible to execute a silent install of my graphices driver.

The installation accepts the basic chipset drivers (MemCtrl, SmBus, GART, IDE, LAN) using the PnP links in wnnt.sif, but it doesn't use the supplied ATI driver (propably not WHQL certified). It would look a lot better at the start of XP if the graphics driver would already be installed. Unfortunately, I can't test if this works, as MS VirtualPC doesn't clone my Hardwaresetup, but uses some kind of hardwaremask of its own.

This is my cmdlines.txt (very short)


and this is preinstall.cmd

@Echo Off


Echo Adding Default User Benjamin (Administrator) for further Auto-LogOn

net user Benjamin xxx /add

net localgroup Administratoren Benjamin /add

net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited

REGEDIT /S autologon.reg


Echo Installing ATI Catalyst 4.5

Echo Please Wait....

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\ATI\Driver\Setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\install\Applications\ATI\Driver\setup.iss"


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  • 2 weeks later...

great idea. i would try it out (when my computer goes down for reformat that is)... :rolleyes:

one question though, at t-12 min (or whichever minute cmdline executes, i forget), would the winnit.sif's driversigning policy have already been revoked? If so, then wouldn't we have to "attend" to it? :)

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