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XPe boot from cd tutorial


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Do all the mods/admins take things so seriously? it was a JOKE.

My god..


Like you wouldn't believe... Check out Alanolls posts in EVERY **** THREAD. I may contact the Oxford Dictionary and have the definitions of pedantic and obsessive modified to "see also: MSFN moderators".

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well they may be strict but at least they are **** good at it lol

take into consideration that this site is pretty large and extremely active for the number of mods they have and still not much slips by them

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I have a simlar problem, I have followed cubie's guide step by step multiple times, but cannot get VMWare to boot off the disk (have checked VM Bios boot order).

Only factor I can thing of; I am using an external USB HDD mount to hold my 6GB DESKTOP hard drive for development work...

Should that have any impact?


Im also using a External HD,except that it being used as my boot drive for XPe

Still no luck booting from it, did you fix your problem

a better description can be found HERE of my problem

any info would be great.............

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