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No Dial Tone


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Hello All

I have a modem in a new dell. It's not able to dial out. I really CAN'T open the system and move the modem around, it's in a 3 year contract. I don't want to void the warranty by opening it up. He is trying to use AOL. I used hyper term and got the same results. The phone line works and I'm able to dial out number from the handset. Also, I'm sure that I have the right phone jacks in the right terminals. There's no voice mail or call waiting preventing it to dial either. The drivers are current for that modem. What else can I do to try to correct this problem. I always hated modem thank GOD they are a dying breed! I'm gonna miss the screeching noise though.


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Because he has a 3 year service contract he should call Dell and get a new modem because I'll bet it's a bad modem.

I was afraid of that. They've had bad luck lately w/ their computers. Just wanted to exhaust all avenues before I tell him the bad news. He'll have to start to use Dells Onsite Support, that goes w/ the contract.

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