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GMail, Starting again


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I think it's only when u get successful invites that u get a lot more. As for new people, I don't know, theys a bit random as to when they hand em out. But if anyone wants Gmail, I'm gonna say PM me. Is tht pokies with everyone.

Doggie I bet they are high quality steak knives....

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I think gmail should never go public and just stay the way it is. I really like this raffle system where people give out gmail accounts, it's a lot funnier than signing up for a hotmail account. I think it could also prevent spam, since you could only make a gmail account with an invitation. It would be very hard for someone to create enough gmail accounts to create loads of spam.

I also think gmail should be renamed go goshmail, but that's another story. Back to checking my gmail account for invites...


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