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About Windows Fles Protection


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hi :)

windows file protection (WFP) works by checking the file versions from System32\dllcache with the ones on your computer, if they are altered it replaces them, for modders this can be a pain, so alot of ppl just disable sfc (System file checker)

u can activate SFC by typing SFC /SCANNOW in run

& u can disable WFP by registry tweaks, or modding the file on your XP CD

regards, HTH

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thanks MCT

I know what you said.

I have read some about this from microsoft.but I wonder how we could find the list of protected files.

How we can modify it if possible.so we can protect some customized files.

I remember I saw it somewhere,but I forgot it.so ~

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if u add the customized files 2 your XP CD replacing the old 1's u can use custom files that way, or u can put them in the dllcache folder & use them that way ( i think thats what your meaning)

but 80% of files XP comes with by default are protected system files, most of the .exe's & .dll's are

But i dont know of EVERY file, sorry :)

hope this helps :rolleyes:

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What's been said is not neccessarily true. If you replace a protected file while it's in use, windows will try to restore it. But if you replace a protected file outside of windows, or in safe mode, it shouldn't try to replace the file on startup. In other words, there is no boot time scan of all protected files to make sure theyre the right version, i expect this to happen in longhorn.

Secondly, there is no master list of protected files in xp, although there is a list in windows me. The list of protected files is different on each system and is determined by the catalog files. Just putting a file in the dllcache will probably not make it protected. There is no way to add a file to the protected files, unless you use a catalog. This might be added to longhorn.


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I'd say that there's a special file or something that contains the information about the originals, if you delete the dllcache stuff, it just keeps asking you fort he CD i spose, or, if you have SP1 installed, obtains it from there.

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