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n-case, Search Assisitant


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Hi folks,

I would be grateful for any advice possible regarding uninstalling the search assistant (ncase) parasite that i have got. I'm having reral probloems with pop ups. I have deleted it from the registry and using CWSShredder, but the it is still there. I am running XP.

Thanx for any help.

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Use Adaware, (free version)

update it

remove that

download & run HiJackThis (its free)

then post your logs on a forum specifically for that , like adaware's or spybot's or wilders security forum

good luck :)

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I would use Spybot anyway...... compliments Adaware, just make sure that download the latest updates.

The above advice is well sound and have used them myself with great success.

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Thanx guys for your time and help, much appreciated.

After running Adaware the problem seems to be resolved. The Search Assistant tool bar has gone and i'm not getting constant pop-ups.

Thanx again

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