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In the Tips&Trics of the CT (a dutch pc magazine) is a whole guide for making a multiboot dvd!

And guess what........ it's flyakite's guide (they refer to it aswell)!!! :)

Just thought it was worth mentioning!


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I know, it's what got me started on this whole project - and last month they did a piece on Unattended install too (which was an almost word-for-word translation of AaronXP guide/site)...

By the way: I'm in the process of creating a Multiboot guide in Dutch - it's a 'hybrid' from flyakite, info from this forum and terrier's guide (which is in French, but has some great tips which flyakite doesn't have).

EDIT: As of now, the first complete version is up, lets call it v1.0 - www.ajvankesteren.nl/multiboot

All input appreciated!


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looked at your site (is ity yours? I'm only assuming) but as far as I can tell it's not so much about multiboot as it is about creating an unattended Windows XP CD. No problem though, I combine both methods (Unattend and multiboot) for my own kickass DVD, and I was looking for a Dutch site for that as well. Can I link to yours in my guide? I'm not sure my wife likes me very much right now, I'm spending so much time on this whole project, and she would KILL me if I were to start on another one right away. :rolleyes:

Quick plug time: the Dutch guide is now about 80% finished, so let call it v0.8 for now. It should be completed by midnight tonight local time (= GMT+1). I'm keeping my fingers crossed... :)

EDIT: OK, it's now almost 1 AM, and the site is 95% up and running - missing so far are the download section and the page concerning creating and testing ISOs. Those will hopefully be up by this weekend.

Anyone up for proofreading? let me know through either email or PM.

ArmyDoc @ AJvK.nl -=- AJvK.nl/multiboot

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