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Preinstalling devices in order?

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Well i read in site that u could name dirs like 00_chipset, 01_LAN, 02_audio and add them in the same order in OemPnPDriversPath but if i put the inf files in $OEM$\$$\inf as the docs of the drivers pointed me will it still make the install in order? Besides that wich makes the order? - dir naming, OemPnPDriversPath adding order? If i put the inf files into $OEM$\$$\inf will the windows get the right order?

I ask this cuz i know the chipset should be installed before all other drivers although until now i installed first thing in GUI after install(no unattend).

Allthough i didn't noticed that some problems would result from it i get in the conflict \ sharing info from system info a lot of conflicts\sharing and i hope they are just sharing :) -- they are between agp and pci and cpu and controllers dunnow for sure but seems important. (this is from normal install not unattend)

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Windows wouldn't take a special order if you put the inf's into the \inf folder..., it takes a order because of the name 00_xxxx... 00 is lower than 01, 02, ... so 00 would be found first. but your inf's would be called like spu0160.inf or so....

thats why the folders are called the way "00_chipset" instead of just "chipset"...

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hmmm then i'll just add the chipset inf files wich are about 7 and are required as mentioned in the docs to be in $OEM$\$$\inf allthough i searched through actual windows inf files and didn't find them installed there?

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