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Does the order matters? ...

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Well that was the quick 20$ question :)

Does order matter for execution between [stuff] and [stuff] or even for entries?

Example does it matter if i put [unattend] before [data]?

The thing is i put the entries like FileSystem=* and TargetPath=* as i read them in ref.chm that means alphabetical order.

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well, there should be no need for the alphabetical order at all. I know for sure that you can sort the entries like you want (e.g. first Filesystem= and then Targetpath or the other way around). The other entries like [unattended] i sorted like the Setupmgr made it as default, but the extra entries (like [Components]) i placed at the end of the file with not knowing of a special order.

So there should be no problem as long as you keep the correct entries under the topics (like Autopartition under [Data] not under [unattended])...

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