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Playing Movies or MP3's during setup

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I found a DOS program which plays videos, sound files or image files...

it has heaps of options and detects windows sound compatible sound cards by default..

it even plays divx etc!

Something like this could be used from DetachedProgram to give you something to do while windows setup is running... maybe watch a movie or listen to a cd or something :)


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ive done something similar to that but i use winamp 5.03 for my install

winamp is pretty good and it doesnt use registry settings it uses ini files so it can pretty much be run from anywhere

you just have to make sure you have your sound card drivers loaded up

which they are probably already loaded if your coming from winpe or you can just add them with the oem pnp path setting in the winnt.sif file

heres what i have setup

add this script for loading winamp with some music and it can even load a playlist up for you :)

MD "%systemdrive%\My Music"

MD "%systemdrive%\Program Files\TempAmp"

copy /y "%cdrom%\My Music\*.*" "%systemdrive%\My Music" > NUL

copy /y "%cdrom%\Winamp\*.*" "%systemdrive%\Program Files\TempAmp" > NUL

"%systemdrive%\Program Files\TempAmp\winamp.exe" "%systemdrive%\My Music.m3u"

copy all your music to the my music folder on your cd and then copy winamp to the winamp folder on the cd making sure you delete the skins you arent using (and of course youll need a way to add the cdrom variable)

now winamp will run til you reboot to go into the final setup stage

this will load all the songs that you have placed in the my music directory since winamp will parse directories for all the files in it and load them all

you can delete the files with a reg key in runonce calling a cmd file to delete the my music folder and the tempamp folder that was created if you want to do automated cleanup after install is finished

rmdir /s /q [folder to delete]

i havent tried a video yet but i dont think it would be a prolem either considering winamp processes all the media with its own code instead of runtimes

i dont think winamp has any external dependencies so it should be able to read most anything

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Hi cb3dsl!

Very nice thing! :) I think I wanna listen to music, too, while my setup is running and I favour the Winamp solution as well. :rolleyes: But just a question off-topic: what command line parameters r u using 2 install Winamp 5.03?


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if you start setup through a normal CD, not through PE, but from CD, are the drivers even loaded at that point for the sound card? I woudn't think so as they're "detected" later on after DetachedProgram is executed. I could be wrong?

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hmm i tested it today and it wont work on a newer sound card that i have

it works for me on my test machine because i have an old pnp dos compatible sb card and i havent really tried it with other pcs that much except from a win 2000 upgrade for a friend which it worked on (no clue on what kind of sound card he has)

i use the winamp 5.03 msi file


allanol is right though

it probably wont work on any 32 bit sound card

i wasnt sure about the drivers not being loaded at that point

but if you do happen to have a sound card that it works on youll need to use the msi and install it on a pc then copy the install directory it to the $OEM$ folder and then execute it from where you copy it to on the hd within the setup process

youll also need to copy over the music you want to listen to and edit the winamp.m3u playlist file to point to those files (ive noticed it wont let me browse for a file at this point in the setup process)

all settings are handled by the winamp.ini file so make your changes there if needed... as far as i can tell no registry calls are made by winamp and no settings are stored in the registry so thats not a problem

but personally i like the idea of running freecell or solitaire or some other portable game exe file in detached program... just something simple to amuse you while windows setup does its thing

but anyway ill stop rambling now

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