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Norton Ghost and Internet Security 2003


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Searched the forum and didn't see switches for these. Saw a switch for Norton Internet Security 2004, but figured I'd ask here before trying that one. Also Norton Internet Security 2003 install NAV also by default is there anyway to not have it install NAV?

Also the only reason I use Norton Internet Security is because of its excellent adblocking. By excellent I mean it doesn't make the ads just dead links on the page it actually removes them and sometimes adjusts the website to reflect their absense (along with of coarse blocking popups). If anyone knows of a great ad blocker (preferably one capable of a silent install for an unattended cd :) ) please recommend one to me. I tried Kerio but its ad blocker is weak compared to Nortons.


EDIT: I figured it out.

-To just install NIS 2k3 with NAV just use the msi /qn switch.

-But to install NIS 2k3 without NAV I found a ghetto way. Basically just remove the NAV msi from the NIS folder and it will just install NAV. Not fully tested but it did work when I tested the ISO, NIS installed without NAV.

REG ADD %KEY%\190 /VE /D "Norton Internet Security 2003" /f


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