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How Do You Put Your Processor In To Real Mode?

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Yer i did, But didn't find out how to do it. :) i only found out why and when people started puting there computers into "Real Mode". If anyone knows how to put a computer/processor into "Real Mode" please let me know. Thanks.

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even if u find it out its not adviced u put thing in real time

it doesn't really work the way u want it to work.

I mean don't get hung by the name of it and simple logic of it.

u'd think its gonna give full cpu to the program u want, but most often it hangs your other apps u won't even be able to use your mouse when u increase the priority to real time

but if u wanna try its simple

go to your task manager right click on the process u want then "set priority"

Thats it. gl getting hung :)

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I didn't think you could "put" your processor in real mode...

"real mode" is only needed for backwards compatability to 8088 processor architecture i thought? everything from about 386 onwards operates in real mode during BIOS etc but runs in protected mode as soon as you boot an OS?

The 386 supported virtual real mode, where you could run several real mode sessions simultaneously...

Real mode is a mode that enables Intel 286 and higher processor to take on the attributes of a lower 8086 or 8088 processor in order to run older software programs

Protected mode is a mode found on Intel 80286 or newer processors that provides the access of addressing extended memory and allow multitasking

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oh... you mean setting the process priority to "real" ?

not "real mode"! :D

hahahhaha... okay ignore my previous post :)

i wouldn't recommend setting any priorities to REAL as your machine will pretty much be unusable and more than likely crash badly :rolleyes:

you won't get any more noticable performance by setting an application to REAL priority anyway... if anything, crank it up to "Normal" priority, but it doesn't make that much of a difference anyway

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