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Whats the best Defragmentation Software


Whats the best Defragmentation Software  

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  1. 1. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    • Diskeeper
    • O&O
    • Perfect Disk
    • System Mechanic
    • Contig
    • Power Defragmenter

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Yeah, but if you don't defrag often enough, the drive heads have to go to and from more than they would if you had defragmented often. If you only use the PC to chat, download and listen to music, defrag once a month. If you download games, play games, edit video, compress/decompress archives, etc, defrag once a week. I defrag once a week.

Cool, good points, thanks :thumbup

But why is gaming an issue when it comes to defragging?

I only play one game, and I do it before I go to bed every night. B)

Also, what's a percentage number that you guys feel you should defrag?

Thanks B) B)

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Hmm where did you get that number from Jeremy? Cause man with PD offline defrag and then an online defrag and then a reboot showed a few seconds worth of difference on my laptop. PD 7.0 rocks. The smart defrag option takes a bit of time though...more so than DK 9 but that is to be expected since it tries to make one huge chunk of data and cosolidate all the space...but DK never used to do that for me. Maybe DK10 does.

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Ok... here's the deal. Both Diskeeper and Perfectdisk now do free space consolidation.

The difference between the two is that PerfectDisk organizes the files based on usage. Less frequently modified files are placed together at the beginning of the disk. (Think core system files, programs, etc) This means that more frequently accessed files (which are the ones that are more likely to fragment) are placed after the already defragmented files.

Usually PerfectDisk takes a while longer to defragment the drive than Diskeeper, but it also lays out the files in a more efficient manner.

However, the one feature that Diskeeper has over PerfectDisk (and this is the big selling point for most users) is the Set-It-and-Forget-It feature. It really does work as advertised, and once Diskeeper has had its way with your hard drive for the first time, it causes no adverse affect on system performance. While you're not doing anything I/O intensive, Diskeeper will monitor the fragmentation levels of your hard drives and automatically enable the defragmentation engine when fragmentation levels reach a point where they would adversely affect performance.

The base line on this is that if you don't want to be bothered with worrying about fragmentation - buy Diskeeper. If you care about the extra performance benefit, buy PerfectDisk.

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My vote is for PerfectDisk, though I seriously hope it has some kind of Set it and Forget It feature in future versions. I'm lazy..

O&O can do lots of fancy defrag methods, but they're not all good for performance.

Diskeeper worked okay for me, but I found performance wasn't improved as much as when using PD.

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DK Pro Pre 10 works a charm. Got the i -FAAST running along with a primary as well as a secondary schedule running all day along with I/O Pause.

got to admit , i do not have to even bother about fragmentation!!! works in the background and does not use up that much CPU as reported by some of you. Well i have a GB of RAM , maybe thats why works smoothly?

But does my work so gets my reccomendation!!!!

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