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All versions beyond 3.6.1 don't work on Windows 11 Build 25267.1000


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All StartAllBack versions beyond 3.6.1 don't work on Windows 11 Build 25267.1000...
I  ignore the warning that says "Not compatible with this version of Windows" and install it anyway...   but then the taskbar disappears and never shows up, Explorer doesn't work, it is not loaded in the system (I can see in the task manager) and it cannot be launched from the task manager...   Even the desktop context menu doesn't work either...   nothing shows up. 
It's like StartAllBack *totally* f***s up Explorer and thus locks Windows.

The only way I can recover my Windows system to a normal state after that is reinstalling StartAllBack 3.6.1 from Total Commander on top...    then it all goes back to normal. 🤔


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