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3 serious bugs in StartAllBack 3.6.3 (Windows 11)

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I was toggling many times feature "Use new font" parameter in StartAllBack 3.6.3 to compare difference in fonts rendering with this option and without it, and it was result that all my windows titles font size became bigger and bigger (see 1st attached screenshot).

And also was toggled some times "Use new icons" parameter and it was caused that I have no all apps icons (except Edge browser). Everywhere, not only in Start menu.

Also there in Start menu (on bottom of it) "Back" (cyrillic named "Назад") button which is must not be here because it's root directory, so it's no any place to get back to it.

Fix that issues in new versions and when I will be ready to completely switch to Windows 11, I will buy StartAllBack, it's my saviour for Windows 11. Currently using it in trial mode. Without StartAllBack I will don't switch to Windows 11. It's single solution in the world which I can use to make Windows 11 useable.

bug (v3.6.3).png

bug2 (v3.6.3).png

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The font issue has been fixed in SAB 3.6.6

On 6/8/2023 at 6:26 PM, bob67 said:

It has been mentionned before, but with SAB 3.6.3 to 3.6.5 installed, the window title bar text gets bigger in several applications (as discussed on elevenforum) ...

On 6/13/2023 at 11:02 PM, Tihiy said:

StartAllBack 3.6.6

- Fixed bizzarre bug where system DPI may increase leading to larger fonts


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