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Safe WinXP activation


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I hear if you change your computer name to 'gosh' activation will be deactivated. Don't know if it's true or not.

That info was public info available from Microsoft when XP launched. It amazes me when people copy stuff from a public ms kb article and act like they're big computer hot shots like they figured out wpa.dbl all by themselves.


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The problem with this method, is that it requires a certain element to be the same on your system, that is, the hard drive volume ID of the system drive must always be the same.

I have tried many times without success to integrate the wpa.dbl file into the unattended cd, but it would never work because the volume ID of the hard drive changes each time you delete the partition/s and re-create it.

The only way to bypass this, is to use a third party tool to change the volume ID on the hdd back, but this will only work after you've installed Windows XP, and only after a reboot.

To be honest, its not worth the time and hassle of doing this, when its just as easy (and ok) to activate your copy either automatically with a batch file (there is a tool in the support folder that will do this for you), or using AutoActivate=Yes in the winnt.sif file (read ref.chm, I've never got this method to work though).

I can't count for other people's experiences, but I have installed XP Pro on this system over 300 times in the last 9 months, and without fail, I've activated it succesfully each time.

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@neophyte r u on broadband? if so and if u don't have to setup any programs or ip or something, or install drivers for your network card

auto active should work.

as for the effort of going through .dbl file, the wizard pop's up and reminds u, u just have to click 3 buttons to complete the activation...

[next][no][next] i believe :)

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No, I'm not on broadband, but I always connect to the internet to do my installations.

I've just never had a successful auto activation.

My network card is auto-detected by Windows XP, and the proper drivers are installed, the IP on the card is obtained by DHCP (which works fine).

As far as I know, I shouldn't have a problem with it, but autoactivate never works (I don't have oobe disabled, but to be honest, I don't think that that should stop it from working).

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