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BSOD on Win NT4 SP6

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I sent my SCSI Ultra 320 HDD to get cloned from a professional data company I requested a SSD and a SCSI 320. After my clones returned i found that they all BSOD. Not Just the clones but the original as well. I now receive:

Stop: 0x0000007B (0x80F7E490, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

I only have one Device with a SCSI 68 pin. I decided to manual go into the SSD where i found all of my files seemingly intact. I decided to open the Boot.ini set the disk and partition to the active partition. Now it boots, but now when i attempt to log in immediate BSOD (Password correct or not).

Stop: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

The windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000005 (0x00000000 0x00000000) .

I've tried going into both my failed clones with Hirens versions 8.7, 9.0. 9.4, 10, 10.6, 15.2 in order to run some boot sector analyzes but i have been unsuccessful finding the hardware to be able to do anything. My Hirens doesnt recognize the SCSI controller, or Drive and my SSD is in a SCSI adapter. 


Has anyone come across this issue, or have any advice to resurrect these drives?

Thank you,

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The good question is why the original would BSOD.

The "clones" may have issues (it depends on how exactly they were cloned but also how they were "managed", in the sense that if they were connected at the same time of the original you may be having issues with disk signature collisions).

Almost any Windows PE will likely have issues with SCSI hardware, unless you build your own PE including the needed SCSI drivers.

Boot sector analysis will anyway lead you nowhere,  the issues you are having are not connected to possible bootsector issues.

The 7b is due to some mis-configuration of the drivers (or of the BOOT.INI, which you seem to have corrected).

The (Bios) boot sequence is:

Bios->MBR->bootsector of active partition->NTLDR->BOOT.INI choices

since you are loading the NTLDR and BOOT.INI, the bootsector is "good enough", as usually the two main possible issue with it are:
1) corrupted boot code
2) "wrong" geometry of device in the data

and both will lead to different errors, like a hung boot with a flashing cursor (or a J or a G) on black screen, disk errors embedded in the bootsector like "Cannot fins NTLDR" or similar.

The c000021a (and 0xc0000005 status) are more likely to be an issue connected to a mismatch in the Registry with a number of things, including disk signature, drive letter assignments, SCSI device ID's, in the case of (if I understand correctly) an external SCSI to SATA adapter for the SSD it could be also that the "adapter" is detected "differently" from a "native" SCSI disk.

I am afraid there is little that can be done if even the "original" is not booting or gets a BSOD as you cannot use it as a reference to make comparisons and finding info online on NT 4.00 is very difficult these days.


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Thank you for the Information, I didn't know quite a bit of that. I definitely feel as though i have some kind of software issues.

Im going to try a few linux rescue disks just to be able to see the file structure on my SCSIs. Also i have an old SCSI backup from 2013 that still boots but i have been very hesitant to touch it much now that it is my only good copy.

Do you have any advice on what files i should be looking at? Or a certain path that may be beneficial to me?

I also have successfully created a new Win NT4 SP6 Virtual Machine to see if i could potential rebuild files on the virtual machine then rebuild the SSD. Still with no success. I have the same issues as before like none of the files modified were saved.

Do you think there would be any adverse side effects from booting my last good copy then file copying the windows directory to a cd and injecting those files into my solid state as a patch?

I might be able to install a SCSI controller driver to my hirens disc to be able to get access to my down SCSI devices as well. To be honest im not sure which direction is going to be most beneficial. 

Any and all information/help is welcome.

Thank you.

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