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ArcticFoxie/NotHereToPlayGames -- 360Chrome v13.5.2022 rebuild 3

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2 minutes ago, msfntor said:

I use https://www.meteoblue.com sometimes.. sure I don't have WebGL for some maps - no big deal. I rely on my nose and eyes, when I want to go out, also I ask my wife...so I am daily aware about current weather conditions. And I like the little rain...:cool:

it's shows its going to snow there Wednesday (we rarely get snow here but when we do it's week long snow in)

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On 1/12/2023 at 10:59 PM, AstroSkipper said:

Nevertheless, I am not at all surprised that most comments about BSODs in MSFN are found in connection with Windows XP which is the most modified and patched OS ever, full of ported and forked software. Just think of all existing system patches, the experiments with the ACPI.sys file, modified drivers and so on. :rolleyes:

Yeah, those patches and pushing RAM to the limit, possibly also a bunch of folks running without the page file in-between.

BTW, @Dave-H's stack trace mentions fonts and it just occurred to me that I need to run the browser with --no-sandbox, otherwise, the text disappears from the pages after relatively short period of time. It's interesting this isn't mentioned more often. Whether this flag also reduces the possibility of BSOD is anyone's guess. And who knows about effectiveness of sandbox on that OS. I don't need that parameter on Vista.

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The disappearing fonts has been mentioned in the past.  Does not seem to plague every user.  I myself only witnessed it with "new" versions of Stylus.  I've never witnessed it once I dropped down to Stylus version 1.5.15.  I do not use the --no-sandbox option.  Unsure of the pros and cons of --no-sandbox.

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Pardon, I said that I need, although maybe I actually don't anymore, not sure, time will tell, looks good so far. I certainly did need back in December. But from the beginning of December, when I first booted into XP after several months and installed this version of 360Chrome, until today, there were some changes made. On 360Chrome side, new extension joined the collection, Chrome Super Font Enhancer and other extensions (uBlock Origin, Tampermonkey, Stylus) were updated.

My normal Windows user account was also de-elevated; I installed Sudo for Windows and removed myself from Administrators group and added myself to groups Users and Sudoers (the mentioned program creates the latter group). Also changed security policy defining the default creator when it's created by administrative users so owner of files, registry keys etc. is set to Administrators group in that case rather than the actual user.

So programs, including 360Chrome, run with restricted privileges by default now unless I explicitly run it as admin.

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1 hour ago, UCyborg said:

Said it too soon, still happens sometimes. I think sandbox is malfunctioning on XP.

Do you happen to have a consistent repeatable scenario that causes the disappearing fonts?

Something like it "always" happens in Site F each and every time you have Sites A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I open?

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How often would you say the disappearing fonts occur (I have witnessed disappearing fonts but I haven't witnessed for well over two months)?

Once every hour without --no-sandbox?  Opposed to once every three weeks with --no-sandbox?

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14 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Do you happen to have a consistent repeatable scenario that causes the disappearing fonts?

360Chrome v11:
1. open a page
2. minimize browser window to Taskbar
3. do something else for 5 minutes or longer (open: folders, files, other browser)
4. open browser window again, text is disappeared

This is only from memory, I will have to test it more to narrow down the cause, and how long it takes do replicate it.

I wonder if it has something to do with Fonts, open in the same time pages where I block remote fonts and pages where I allow remote fonts, not sure if this is relevant, will have to do some tests.

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I can get fonts to disappear in 360Chrome v11 each and every time and it only takes 15 seconds.

1)  open this web site in 360Chrome v11  --  https://forum.eclectic4un.me/
2)  minimize 360Chrome v11
3)  launch Serpent v52
4)  click Ctrl-T to open a new tab
5)  close newly opened tab
6)  exit Serpent 52 (note, I didn't do any browsing, my St52 opens an about:blank tab and my new tab is also an about:blank tab)
7)  restore 360Chrome v11 window that was previously minimized  --  the username on posts will no longer be visible

Works 100% of the time!
Setting the --no-sandbox switch does indeed prevent fonts from disappearing.


However - I can not get fonts to disappear in 360Chrome v13.5 build 1030 or in 360Chrome v13.5 build 2022, even with 360Chrome minimized for half an hour while browsing with St52, St55, and NM28 during that half an hour.

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Tests regarding disappearing text in 360Chrome v11, this is how I can reproduce the bug:

1. open  forum.eclectic4un.me  in 360Chrome v11
2. minimize 360Chrome v11
3. open Mypal 28.17.0, wait 3-4 sec to load Moonscribe Add-on icon, close Mypal 28.17.0
4. restore 360Chrome v11, text is disappeared

If I close Mypal 28.17.0 before Moonscribe Add-on icon is loaded, bug doesn't happen
If Moonscribe Add-on is disabled, bug doesn't happen
Moonscribe Add-on ON/OFF doesn't make a difference
Block/allow remote fonts on forum.eclectic4un.me doesn't make a difference
Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing ON/OFF doesn't make a difference
Smooth edges of screen fonts ON/OFF doesn't make a difference
If I add --no-sandbox switch, bug doesn't happen

This bug doesn't happen in 360Chrome v12.

With --no-sandbox switch, it shows this:
Is it safe to use --no-sandbox switch?

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7 minutes ago, we3fan said:

Is it safe to use --no-sandbox switch?

I saw three or four articles claiming that Google themselves suggest users to use a different browser instead of using their own browser with the --no-sandbox switch.

BUT this doesn't really say much, in my opinion.  Malware/Virus advocates basically make the same claim about running a computer without anti-malware/anti-virus.

Yet I've not ran either, not even "on-demand" scans, in over 15+ years - and I have never been hit with malware or virus!

It's about knowing what to click and what not to click, what web sites to trust and what web sites not to trust, when to allow javascript, when to block javascript, et cetera.

I myself would use this switch IF my fonts disappeared as often as it seems to for others AND if the switch resulted in lower RAM (which was not the case when I measured on XP x64, but I only took one comparison instead of an average of several).

I myself would NOT use  the "Spectre mitigation" switch IF it did not result in Cloudflare capcha issues (because that switch does lower RAM).

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