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Windows Vista RTM on Kaby Lake System


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after using windows 11 i decided to install windows vista on my pc but i decided to install the first version. What I appreciate is that my PC is compatible with Windows 7. The only thing that happened was that the installation of Windows Vista asked me for USB 3.0 drivers.

all files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mjm05Ty1O0KCJI8xXv80fFAAAjibQ5-A?usp=sharing

Windows Vista RTM.jpg

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Lad, even Build 6003 is severely handicapped on Kaby Lake. I'm not sure what would compel you to use an already turbulent RTM on this platform, but I'd recommend you upgrade to SP2 immediately. I'd reconsider using Vista on drifting platforms, too. It's a beautiful OS, but its hampered on your platform. I would consider using 7 or 8.x here, and theme it to resemble Vista. If you really want to experience Vista on fairly powerful hardware, look into getting a 3rd gen (Ivy Bridge) system. I use a Xeon 2667 V2 system myself. 

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