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Ublock Origin Lite (MV3) vs AdGuard MV3


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These two adblockers are already in development for the next adjustment to MV3.

The latest release of UBO Lite is available here:


The latest release of AdGuard MV3 is available here:


Now, only UBO Lite guarantees blocking of the URL tracking parameter.
You can check at the test below:


Only with AdGuard MV3 is it possible to enter custom lists.
But care must be taken that the limit of 5000 rules is not reached,otherwise the previous rules entered will be decreased to zero,nullifying the blocking effectiveness.
So basically custom list entry is reduced to 1/2 lists.

Now Adguard MV3 ensures more effective ads/annoying elements blocking for cosmetic filtering support.

Although the transition to MV3 seems to be postponed until June 2023:


mr.Hill is unsure whether he will be able to perform upgrades to UBO MV2 after January 2023:


If any forum members have ideas to improve UBO Lite,I invite them to expose them to the developer.
At the moment, only Yuki2718 and I have brought up some proposals to improve the performance of UBO Lite:


Thank you all for your attention.:yes::hello:

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Although it will not be of interest to any forum member  while waiting for the resolution of the 2 open issues that I am most interested in I have finished setting up AdGuard Mv3.

With my rules now I can pass this test :thumbup:


I set up Hard Mode as in UBO but made easier by TLD's:



I have improved privacy/security and web pages load much faster.:thumbup

I inserted 2 custom lists to improve privacy/security:


It is possible to simultaneously enable UBO Lite to block the URL's tracking parameter.
In this case with only one filter enabled:

  • AdGuard URL Tracking Protection List 


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