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Deviantart.com Analysis: New Design Problem


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I'm not sure how extensively I've gone into this here- memory isn't too good these days as it's been a TERRIBLE time- but the main problem older hardware has lately for me is the stupid and ugly Wix Deviantart.com site design.


Long story short: It all used to work nicely, even with older browsers and devices. Desktop/Mobile, etc. all right there.


But now? For people who seem to have liberal leanings they do not seem to care how this crummy new site design leaves poor people out in the cold and requires yet more hardware to end up in Third World landfills. If not for the people here at MSFN and their modified browsers an old Sony I have would have no way of handling that site, and even so it is rather slow- but still 10001% better than not at all!


Even with eMatrix...


But thanks to eMatrix I have singled out the problem. It is something called "static.parastorage.com." This is what makes everything work so slooooowwwwwwlyyy there. Problem is, without it any browser acts as an older one: Messed-up screen, inability to Comment and Reply, etc.


What- if anything- is to be done about this?


And where are the new browser posts? I can't find them and my links no longer work, they have been moved.


Thank you.



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Firefox 60 on deviantart.com works fast enough for me. Pentium 4 CPU. Although the site has a modern design, of course. Try enabling multiprocessing in Serpent 52 or use the Mypal 68 browser. The most creepy site is youtube.com.

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