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Web Browser + Proxomitron Reborn + PtronGUI --- A How-To Guide

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3 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

although circumnavigating Instagram "blocks" is not my primary focus in creating a Proxomitron thread here at MSFN.

It's not only instagram , it's like all popular websites started to use the same tactics . Example from msfntor : 3 times page reload = block.

Also have a friend in UK . He uses his real IP to make purchases and order food . And each time they force him to enter captcha !!! Asked him, is it considered to be "normal" , he said it's not unusual ?!?!?! We are enablers . People are enablers . I wonder what the next step is ? No food without a chip inside us ?


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I do think that Proxomitron will solve those "tactics".

But that's also "cart before the horse" - I would prefer to start "simple" then work up to that sort of "tactic".

I once ran a church forum and technology has changed drastically since then, our church forum software was quite limited on how it "banned" users.

It would ban fairly wide IP Address Ranges so in order to ban various users, the net was cast too wide and it banned users that we did not intend to ban (ie, our own Youth Group Minister).

We were able to use Proxomitron for the Youth Group Minister to regain access to the church forum.

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I use instagram to buy food for my sport diet . It's cheaper that way. I use a simple bot crawler to dowload pics with food so I could browse and choose what I need later . I do NOT download millions of pictures . So no abusive behaviour . The bot usually fetches a hundred of pics (at max.) in several hours , it is quite similar to ordinary browsing .

Now they won't let me view even one without login ! But if I choose an IP from that country with a certain regime - the problem is gone . It's a pity those proxies die off so quickly ... 

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Good News (for those that have expressed concerns).

Proxomitron blocks MSFN's "keylogger" without any added filters.  The "base config" (2019-01-26b1) already blocks the "keylogger" by default (I've only tested in Advanced Mode and not in Standard, Light, or Minimal Mode).

Disregard.  We will need to add a filter to break the "keylogger".  The "base config" (2019-01-26b1) affects the "timer" but where the keylogger is in the duration of that timer may cause the keylogger to still work.

My goal is to break it "completely".  I don't see anything "nefarious" with that keylogger, but I do see it as a good example to demonstrate why I've used Proxomitron for 18 years and why I'm returning it to my web browser after ~2yrs away from it.

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On 1/18/2022 at 11:41 AM, RainyShadow said:

Huh, what is that keylogger you are talking about?

ALL browsers are KEYLOGGING your replies in this MSFN reply box.

I'll demonstrate using 360Chrome but again, ALL browsers have a KEYLOGGER for this MSFN reply box.

Most likely in other forums also, especially if using the same "forum software".

For my 360Chrome profile, that KEYLOGGER is being saved here  --  <root folder>\360ChromePortable\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage\leveldb\000022.log

My 360Chrome loader deletes this file each and every time that I exit, otherwise this 000022.log file would have text from "years ago".

Please note that username and password input fields are NOT being keylogged, only this MSFN reply box.

I don't see this as "nefarious", you have to be a member here and you have to be logged in, but it is still a "feature" that is "concerning" to some.

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I was going to screencap where Mypal 27.9.4 logs the MSFN reply box but the reply box no longer even works in Mypal 27.9.4.
Did not try NM27, Mypal 28, or NM28.  I've basically abandoned them due to finding waayyy tooo many web sites where they simply do not work.

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This "feature" doesn't really concern me.  There is no such thing as "privacy".  You can not hide.  And just "trying" to hide actually fingerprints you like a sore thumb.

You either connect to the internet or you live in "the hills" with no electricity and no running water.  There is no inbetween.

miss using Proxomitron as a web filter so I am attempting to incorporate the "reborn" version of Proxomitron with Chrome-based browsers.

There really is a "crapload" that Proxomitron can do - it is NoScript, uMatrix, UBO, AdBlock Plus, Stylus, Privacy Badger, Tampermonkey, User-Agent Switcher, LastPass, RoboForm, KeePass, EditThisCookie, Awesome Cookie Manager, Popup Blocker, HTTPS Everywhere ALL literally rolled into ONE program.

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While it may be the swiss-army knife among similar tools, i quickly got overwhelmed by its capabilities and am currently using it only for the header-dependent redirect to ProxHTTPSProxyMII.

My current chains are like this:

HTTPS - browser > ProxHTTPSProxyMII Front > BFilter (for easy blocking)  > Proxomitron > ProxHTTPSProxyMII Rear > CCProxy (for caching) > internet

HTTP - browser > BFilter > Proxomitron > CCProxy > internet


I just wish ProxHTTPSProxyMII was able to receive both protocols in the same port without crapping-out...

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I haven't been able to get consistent results as of yet  :blushing:

I haven't been able to get ProxHTTPSProxyMII to link to Proxomitron.

I can get the older ProxHTTPSProxy (no MII at the end), but not the newer ProxHTTPSProxyMII.

So I'm not sure if my inconsistency has been due to MII versus non-MII.

Everything will filter on www.google.com but as soon as I perform an actual search, 360Chrome seems to be making a parallel connection because the Proxomitron log shows traffic but the page is not being filtered.

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42 minutes ago, RainyShadow said:

currently using it only for the header-dependent redirect to ProxHTTPSProxyMII

I don't have a specific header-dependent redirect.  I assumed that since www.google.com (and msfn.org) were being filtered that I didn't need the header-dependent redirect.

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  • NotHereToPlayGames changed the title to Web Browser + Proxomitron Reborn + PtronGUI --- A How-To Guide

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