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Best Xonar Drivers for Vista , help to find this exact one.


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Hello everyone , please help me find a Vista driver for this almost 15-years old sound card , I'm looking for this version , proven to be the best .


File Size: 18.70 Mb

Release: 14 Jul 2008

Filename: xonar_dx_81738_rc01_vista.zip

The audio driver link is down , but the page with the info is still alive .


Or these , but they are not as good as the previous one , 1738. All inks are down , sadly .



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21 minutes ago, D.Draker said:

Guys , you're fantastic ! Solved. Thank you !!!

To be fair, you were actually very accurate and provided a lot of details in the question. :thumbup


More often than not similar questions go *like*:

Hey guys, I remember having got from the internet a driver for my Xonar audio card that worked so much better in Vista than the one I have now.

Any ideas on where I can find that driver?


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3 hours ago, winvispixp said:

you could use the wayback machine too see if the download link was working some time ago (or even saved)

I did try that, first thing, of course, and there is only one (bad) archived page from 2015:


Anyway the issue is solved.


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