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problem with Windows Deffender.


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I wanted to make an exception on Windows Deffender to run a program, but the problem is that it's not possible to open it. It tells that you need another application to open this link. Is important to mention that I uninstalled MCAfee anti-malware which came preinstalled on the computer and I read that another Windows 10 usser had the same issue. As far as I know, Windows Deffender is automatically dissabled if it detect another anti-malware. But it don't detect anti-malwares like Clamwin (which I use). I also tried to boot Windows in safe mode, and dissable Deffender with Deffender control. When I restarted and checked it, Deffender was dissabled, but some time after that, it deleted me the Deffender Control, and the same issue happened again, so I couldn't make an exception for it or dissable real-time protection because it tells that I need another application to open this link to windowsdefender. I wanted to dissable real-time protection, but I can't. Someone knows how can I configure Deffender in that case or at least make exceptions without open it's configuration or how can I fix it? PD. The Windows.old was deleted by Windows, so there's no possibility of downgrading the Windows 11 to Windows 10. Don't know if I can run Windows 10's setup on Windows 11. And I tried Windows 11 on a virtual machine, but never had this issue.

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