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why, when i reboot the computer, with pen drive connected(maybe with other external disk) the startup stops?


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On 5/7/2021 at 3:12 PM, Joaquim said:

Is laptop Acer aspire 1690.

there we go, it got 915 chipset. Have you installed inf driver for it or any other? There was 915 chipset driver somewhere for 915 chipset on web (need look it up). If it wont change thing is bug that cannot be fixed as far I know


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I encountered similar issues on W98 when still using a Netgear USB wireless networking adapter. If this was connected during boot, the system would hang. Netgear's software to connect you to wireless networks caused all manner of bizarre behaviour with Windows Explorer too (even if the program was closed) and I ultimately found a means to get the system an ethernet-based connection. 

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