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Looking for the location of the Internet Explorer toolbar icons


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I am trying to find where the Internet Explorer toolbar icons are. I have tried various things to find them but I haven't been able to. I tried using IconsExtract to search through iexplore.exe but I didn't find the toolbar icons. Didn't find them using Resource Hacker either. I even went as far as to have IconsExtract search every file on the C: drive for icons but I did not see the Internet Explorer toolbar icons when scrolling through the 1551 icons IconsExtract found on the hard drive. I tried doing some research, but I couldn't really find anything relevant. Does anyone know what file these icons are stored in and how I would extract them? I have included an image highlighting the icons I am looking for.

IE toolbar icons.png

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1 hour ago, RainyShadow said:


Thanks @RainyShadow! That's it. I was able to extract the icons from browseui.dll using ResourcesExtract. They are long strips of icons with all the icons in one long bitmap with a magenta background. I wasn't expecting that. 

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