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Tube amplifier help needed


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I think my playing is good and when I'm not plugged into my amp it sounds great. But I'm always disappointed when I plug into my Fender blues junior 3, as I'm never happy with the sound it gives me.

I am playing in a bedroom so have to keep the volume reasonably low... could this be why? I don't understand the controls very well and hardly notice much difference in changing the treble middle bass etc.

It has a volume and a master volume... no gain channel which I really don't like or understand.

It always sounds rather think and muddy to me, no sparkle, brightness.

Please can somebody help me with this dilema or I may have to change my amp for a different one. I'm really stuck and don't have a clue when it comes to amp settings.

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The muddy sound is usually inter-modulation distortion created by the amplifier with several stages of amplification. The inter-modulation is created when overall feedback is employed or feedback is getting though the power supply line from output stages to input stages. With valves the previous comments should not happen unless it comes through the supply lines as they usually use single stage feedback. Grunty distortion to get some good sound with valves you can overdrive the output stage of the AMP and with a fairly powerful amplifier that would mean playing it loud but our ears are more perceptive with low sound level so this will defeat the purpose of cleaning the sound. You might be able to have the Fender miked up and put the sound through another AMP. The review here has reverb on and miked up this could make a difference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4W8pIxQR6M Hope you get some real advice from someone who knows. There are several guitar player forums this one seems reasonable https://www.guitarforums.com/showthread.php?t=55388

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