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whats the difference with using private with no network discovery / file and printer sharing vs public with same settings

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i was just wondering what the differences are with using the private network profile option in windows 10, with "turn off network discovery" and "turn off file and printer sharing" checked in the advanced sharing options window, as opposed to using the same settings but with the public profile? i just want to know the pros and cons, because i tried googling this, but i couldn't find any helpful info. currently, i have done registry / local security policy / settings changes, with use of private network without network discovery and file and printer sharing, and i was able to find the solution to force it to use private network profile, as before, it kept going back to public profile, the cuprit seemed to be from not using the local security policy. i just want to know if there are any drawbacks, or what would be the pros, if having it in the way that i have it right now, outside the obvious of not having network discovery and file and printer sharing. 

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I think turning off "turn off network discovery" and "turn off file and printer sharing" must auto set the Local LAN to public as you have discovered. There is no other differences mentioned at https://www.techbout.com/difference-between-public-and-private-network-windows-10-46951/ the disadvantage might be if you wanted a Public network and you forgot about the registry changes and I do not think that there would be any pros. Another link shows firewall adjustment https://www.howtogeek.com/245982/WHATS-THE-DIFFERENCE-BETWEEN-PRIVATE-AND-PUBLIC-NETWORKS-IN-WINDOWS/ 

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